I help women craft & curate compelling visual stories. Stories that empower them with confidence to connect their blogs, businesses and brands to their ideal audience and generate ongoing revenue.

        My journey to photography was far from linear, from being a design school dropout to working in corporate for what seemed like an endless about of years, I stumbled upon Photography in 2014 through a little gem, called Instagram. A haphazard insta-friend to IRL meeting with a photographer-less style-blogger coupled with my recently purchased $500 camera, would change my world forever. My entrance into the world of Photography was a free weekly gig shooting my new style–blogger friend. Over the last five years, I have honed and refined my self-taught craft to help women elevate their online presence. I’ve grown my own network, following and generated 80% of my income from Social Media, specifically Instagram, through a carefully curated Social Strategy.

        In the last year, I have shared the knowledge I’ve gained to help other women use this platform to increase their brand awareness, following & engagement and revenue through easy to follow in-person and virtual one-on-ones and monthly virtual workshops. My mission is to help women tell their stories, no matter where their budget lies. My photography packages allow me to work with women directly from concept to-content to capture their stories with a tasteful eye. My consults help my clients to gain clarity and purpose in their visual strategies and my workshops are geared toward those who are looking to learn how to create & curate content themselves.

        Ways to Work With Kaye


        Looking to create content for your site, social or promo materials? Inquire about a photoshoot to best suit your needs.


        A one-hour video call to uncover how you can elevate your social presence.


        Meet other business babes by joining one of my in-person co-work and network parties.