Not-so-Secret Instagram Filters

        I’m gonna start this off by saying, if you’re not using instgram stories in 2020, you’re missing out!

        It’s such a cool way to interact with your audience and give them a behind-the-scenes peek of things, especially if you’re a blogger, business or brand! It’s hands down one of my favorite parts of IG, and if we didn’t already know, video is definitely taking off as a leading form of content that our audiences want more of.

        As time has gone on, instagram has made it progressively easier for us to create engaging and cool stories for our audience to enjoy.  Enters these crazy-amazing-almost-hidden-kind-of-like-a-secret-but-not-really filters.

        I get asked all the time what is the filter I’m using on my insta-stories. When I say “Instagram,” I’m always met with “REALLY? WHERE? HOW?” So here’s how you can access these filters and leave me alone (hehe)!

        The Steps:

        Swipe over as if you’re about to post a story.

        Next, slide over  all the way to the end, to see the “Browse Effects” icon. Or if you select one of the filters already pre-installed by Instagram, there’s an arrow pointing down next to the name of the filter, you’re going to want to tap that to see the “Browse Effects” button.

        Scroll to the end of the filters to access the library.
        Click the Browse effects button to access the Effect Gallery

        This will then take you to the Effect Gallery. This is where all the cool filters are found! The Effect Gallery is a place where tons of users all over the world have created filters and have uploaded them for us to enjoy.

        Instagram has broken this down by category. You can also browse the main page for popular filters currently being used. I typically swipe over to the “Camera Styles” category. When you see one you may like, just tap it, and you can even try it, before you save it to your library!

        The Effect Gallery. Access the different categories at the top.

        Once you find one you like, click the little square with the down arrow, at the bottom right of the screen. This saves the filter to your libray for use! Click the “x” in the top right corner once it’s been saved, to exit. When you’re back to the main insta-story screen, you should see the new filter added to the bottom, along with all your other filters.

        Click this icon to save the filter to your library.

        Boom, that’s it! Creating cute insta-stories, just got a whole lot cuter!

        Want to know another little tip? If you see someone using a filter, just look at the top of their stories, You’ll see an icon with stars and then the name of the filter and the creator. Click it and it’ll take you to the filter and you can save it to your library! Now you don’t even have to DM me or anyone else about what we’re using, cause it right there. WOOP WOOP!

        My faves are Cinema Stories from Ruzaone, Moody Tones by ThaiFurtado and Chocolate Presets by Apasynkovaa! You’re welcome :}

        Did you already know about these filters? If so, which ones are your faves? Share in the comments for someone else to enjoy!

        January 6, 2020