Shoot Guide

        Review the comprehensive Shoot-Guide here.

        We're so excited to be shooting with you, and we want you to have the most flawless session possible. We've created this guide to give you a more detailed run-down on what to expect from a shoot with us.

        In the event, you have read through everything and you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at kaye@kayemccoy.com. We can't wait to create some magic!


        I can’t tell you how much it means, that you’ve decided to work with me! I look forward to the opportunity to shoot with you. Once you’ve selected a package and date, an invoice for the deposit and photo contract will be sent over via email. Please note sessions requested without a deposit will not guaranteed. Once payment is received we’ll begin planning your shoot.

        If you have any photo references you’d like me to see, please feel free to send them over during this stage. The final payment is due on the day of our shoot. Payments not received , will result in no access to your online photo gallery.

        WHAT TO WEAR

        What you wear plays a major part in the outcome of your photos. Finding outfits that compliment your personality and shape are best. Wearing pieces that make you comfortable, ensure that you don’t feel awkward or stiff during our session. Additionally, the proper undergarments enhance the overall look when wearing tight-fitting dresses, shirts or skirts, and helps to prevent the need fix in Photoshop. Prior to your shoot, it’s best to take a light iron or steamer to your outfit choices. Be sure to hang your items right after, to prevent them wrinkles from creeping back in! It’s also recommended to bring a pair of flats or comfortable shoes, as we will be walking to the next location between looks.


        I strive to capture the beautiful details that make an outfit special, like the daintiness of your earrings or the gold zippers of your boots. Since these type of shots require close-ups, it is recommended that you pay attention to personal details to make these shots pop! Things such as painting your nails and having your hair and make-up done, keep these shots looking polished. While hiring a professional hair or make-up artist isn’t required, it is recommended to ensure your best features are highlighted and to keep post-editing to a minimum.


        While I know things can happen and sometimes you can’t help but run a little late, please remember to give a courteous heads up via email or text message. If you’ll be over 20 minutes late, your session may be canceled and will result in forfeiture of your deposit. I typically book multiple sessions within the same day and tardiness not only affects your session, but the session of other clients.



        Based on our initial discussion for the vision of your session, I will scout a location in which to shoot. I will provide the location to you a few days prior. If you have any location suggestions feel free to share them with me. I will not be held responsible for retakes of images due to dissatisfaction of the location. During our shoot you will be shown the images for approval. If you are not pleased with the shots during the session please notify me so I can make the proper adjustments.


        If you are booking a session with multiple outfits, please note that certain locations do not offer bathrooms or covered places to change. Majority of clients make their outfit changes in their cars. In the instance this is highly uncomfortable for you, please let me know and I will try my best to secure a location that has a public restroom in which you can change.


        Here’s where the magic happens. I like to give minimal direction in terms of posing, and let you do what feels most natural to you. I will sometimes instruct you into certain movements that will help capture natural moments. Relax, let your jitters go and let the camera capture your confidence! If it’s your first time shooting, I recommend practicing actions in the mirror, prior to the shoot. Twirl, smile, flirt with the mirror, look on into the distance, and walk with a strut!


        You will receive an online photo gallery to view your images within 1-3 business days after our shoot. Once you have chosen your selections, I will edit them within a 10-day time frame. Your final edits will be sent via a downloadable link that expires in 7 days. Please ensure to download your photos as soon as you receive them. If photos are not downloaded within the allotted time frame, a fee will be incurred to re-upload these files. Additionally, your photos will be held on a local server for up to 30 days. After 30 days, I will no longer have access to your full image gallery. Images kept will be based solely on personal preference and all others deleted.


        The magic of photography is truly in the edit. Cropping, distorting, applying additional filters and adjustments to your photos diminishes the quality.  Please note that any photos not edited by me will not be featured online in any capacity. Additionally, I prefer that any photos not edited by me, not be tagged online, as it is not a true reflection of my craft. This also applies to edited photos in which you apply additional filters and adjustments. Feel free to contact me directly, if you would like to see adjustments in the style of your edits.

        SHOW THEM OFF!

        I’d love nothing more than for you to share your final images with family and friends online. Feel free to tag me at the following handles:


        Kaye McCoy