Being able to tell compelling stories that keeps your audience engaged and informed is a huge skillset to have! Especially now that it's harder to get eyes on in-feed content due to the algorithm change.

        This is for you if you want to:

        • Find your brand’s unique storytelling angle.

        • Learn to create engaging stories to keep your audience coming back for more.

        • Create aesthetically pleasing video content

        • Discover unique tips and tricks to get more story views.

        • Understand how to Showcase your Products or Services in an engaging video format.

         In this LIVE workshop, I will teach you how to:

        • Define the content you should create to ENGAGE your audience.

        • Shoot and Edit Stunning videos using your SmartPhone

        • Create a cohesive storyline, with a full walk-through of my process

        • A PDF-Guide to my favorite video-editing and story-template apps.

        • A Live Q&A to answer all of your questions



        What does access grant me?

        A video download to my most popular online workshop: Cool Story Bro and a PDF to the presentation. This workshop was originally filmed and aired in April 2020. Tips include, how I create and edit video for my personal instagram pages (moodboarding, compiling multiple video clips, adding text overlays, walkthrough of each app I use to create story content).


        When I purchase, what will I recieve?

        You receive and be emailed an instant download to a .zip file which contains the two-hour video and a PDF of the presentation which contains all the valuable tools and tips! PS: These files will need to be accessed from your desktop computer!


        Are sales refundable?

        All sales are final. No refunds.


        What will I need to attend the class?

        Just your laptop, pen, notebook and an eagerness to learn!


        Who can I contact with questions or concerns with my purchase?

        Please email our team at kaye@kayemccoy.com