The #CookayeJar Activity + a Free Printable!

        I don’t know about you, but COVID-19 has been an interesting little time. The first two and a half weeks I was wallowing in anxiety and depression due to the major changes to my work and personal routines. I went from shooting clients 3-4 times a week and daily visits to my favorite restaurants, cafes and shopping stores to staring aimlessly at the four walls of my DTLA apartment.

        Even my friends had to check on me, because they knew “homebody” and “Kaye McCoy” did not go in the same sentence (lol)! Based on this day-tracking app I installed on my iPhone, I have now successfully completed 55 days of Quarantine! While I do still find a way to get some fresh air and do curbside pick-up at my favorite cafe’s, you can mostly find me in the house doing what I can to stay entertained.

        One of those activities is the “CookayeJar Activity.” I was inspired by @msmaverickmuse on IG. She had a little jar that she stuffed full of paper strips with things she wanted to do or had been putting off doing. Every once in awhile she would pull a strip and do what it said. She encouraged us to give it a try, so I thought to myself, why not. It wasn’t like I was doing anything else.

        I started with about 15 things I had been wanting to do. I wrote things such as “Clean my desktop off,” “Update my Linked-in,” etc. I then added little fun things I’ve always wanted to know or research, but never sat still long enough to do it. Things like “How to properly load a dishwasher,” and “Learn what each knife is a set of knives does.” It was supposed to hold me until the end of the Stay-At-Home order, but as we all know that thing keeps getting extended! So my list of activities has been growing and growing. It’s another small thing that makes me excited for the next day.

        In my life, I’ve really had to fight away deep sadness. I was really in one of the most positive upswings of my 34-year-old life, and COVID-19 really threatened to take that away at first. I was sleeping all day, sulking in tears and waves of anxiety were crashing over me. Something as simple as having something FUN and routine to look forward to the next day, has been the key to keeping me in good spirits.

        A lot of my followers have been asking about the jar and have been interested in giving it a try, so I’ve whipped up a free printable for you guys! Download these 10 (ten) FREE activity starters with space to write 6 (six) of your own by clicking the link below!

        Toss ’em in an old mason or cleaned out candle jar (mine is from my favorite candle shop Alexandra Windbush, and pick one out each day for a little joy!

        If you do happen to give it a try, be sure to tag me or drop a comment below with one activity you’ve been wanting to do or have been putting off. This COVID-19 thing is gonna be around for a minute, so the extra activity ideas are appreciated! Enjoy, loves.


        K a y e.

        May 6, 2020