Vision-boarding like Cookaye

        As a kid, I use to LOVE making collages.

        I had stacks and stacks of magazines, and as an art kid, what better thing to do with them, than cut them up and make collages with all the images I loved?! I’d plaster them on my wall, and place some in that clear pocket in the front of my binder– collages were my decoration.

        Of course, as I got older, that activity came to a halt. That is, until I went to my first vision board party in late 2016. They talked about the power in giving vision to your “vision.” I had just started my faith journey and they had mentioned the bible verse Habbukuk 2:2, “write the vision and make it plain.” That verse really stuck with me, because for a long time I just felt like life was happening to me, instead of me happening to life. I felt like I had no real direction in my life.

        I was living in Atlanta at the time and I remember putting images that reminded me of Los Angeles because I really wanted to move back. I wanted my own place, with no roommates. I wanted a bae, and I wanted to grow my photography business, shoot in the photographer’s pit at fashion week and I wanted a solo trip to Tulum.

        It was a fun activity for me because it reminded me of what I use to do as a kid. As I was packing up my things, preparing to relocate back to Los Angeles in mid-2017, I came across that board. I had already checked a few things off. It was a confirmation to me that I was doing the things I had envisioned. By the end of that year, “Solo trip to Tulum” and “Shoot in photographers pit at New York Fashion Week” had also been checked off. That’s when I decided I would do a vision board every year.

        While I don’t believe vision boarding is for everyone, I will say that if you’ve never given it a try, it could help! A lot of people ask me my views on vision boarding as a Christian and I will say that I hold Proverbs 16:3, close to my heart. It says “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

        To me, it means that if I commit the things I want to do to him, he will establish them for me (as long as it fits in his overall will for my life). When I vision board, it’s not me idolizing what I put down, it’s rather me saying “Lord, with the desires you have placed in my heart, this is what I would like to do with them.” Anything I put on the board, I have given to him in faith. If it does not come to pass, I’m okay, because for me that signals that it is not a part of his plan for me at that time.

        There’s no wrong or right way to vision board. The fact of the matter is, as long as you’re feeling it, are excited and have an idea of what you want for the year, what you create will be well worth it, because its YOUR VISION.

        Apparently, the way I vision board is different because I’ve been getting few DMs on how I get my vision boards to look so “aesthetically” pleasing, lol. In this mini-tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a small vision board that you can place in your planner or journal.

        STEP ONE

        Collect all your images and your pictures first. I like to flip through all my magazines until I feel like I have all the words and pictures I need to communicate what I want for the year. As a photographer, I love very vivid editorial images, it’s a subtle reminder to the work I desire to create, and so I use fashion magazines to source most of my images. Figure out what type of magazines house the images that resonate most with you, and use them to collect your images.

        STEP TWO

        Once I have all my words and images cut out, I don’t glue anything down. I play around with my layout until I like how it’s looks. THEN I start pasting things down with a gluestick. I paste the WORDS to the image first, THEN paste the image to the blank planner or journal page.

        STEP THREE

        Insert into your planner or journal. If you’re a binder planner person, using a frosted “dashboard” can elevate the look. I got this really cool translucent “twenty-twenty” page from clothandpaper.com. My clear binder is from mochithings.com and it totally gives me nostalgia, to when I put my collages in my binder in middle school, haha!

        I would love to see your vision-boards, be sure to follow me on Instagram @cookayemonster, and tag me, so I can see them!


        February 5, 2020